Monday, November 7, 2011

Possible Spaces?

Please pray for God's will to be done. Here are some possible spaces that could become Good Shepherd's "Third Space." Picture them in your heads as you pray for one of these, or perhaps something else, to come to the forefront and become the place where God wants us to be, so we can serve the community as best we can.

A place on Colington road, which is discussed above, has a large area for activities, eating, and worship. It has a kitchen area, an office, a room for a nursery, and an attic for storage. It has 20 parking spaces, but there is a wide driveway that can be parked alongside, and a huge grassy area that can be parked upon. This is in a prime location to serve the local community of Colington Islands.

This is an abandoned building that looks like it is still in good condition. We are investigating its status right now. There is another, low building behind it that could also serve as a space. Pray that this might be a possibility. These two buildings are on the bypass, where the highest volume of traffic passes.

Finally, we have the infamous Dream Center, which may come available soon. It used to be an auto show gallery, but a church has been meeting here. It has a large amount of space, and it is, how should we say, unsightly in ascetics. Ugly, some might say. However, it would have all the space we need, a kitchen, a worship area, and perhaps tables and chairs included. It also reminds me of the club from the movie Xanadu, which is pretty cool. This building is located between the bypass and the beach road, and it is where Ruthie's Kitchen meets each Tuesday evening.

Thanks for your prayers. If you are local, and you can think of a possible Third Space for us, let us know!