Thursday, November 10, 2011

Servant Council Minutes 11-2-11

Members present were Father Fred Barrett, Jim Heinrich, Brenda Pitonyak, Della Gill and Charles Gill. Mary Jeannette Moseley was present as secretary.

Fred opened the meeting with Communion.

The minutes from last week were read and approved—Charles moved to approve, and Jim seconded the motion.

A lengthy discussion followed that involved assistance for one of our parishoners.

Update on new worship space—several new possibilities were discussed: Dare Center, OB Mall, open space near Dunkin Donuts in Nags Head, real estate office across from TW’s Tackle, old bank building in FF Alley. Jim and Fred were going to check out a few of the places and let us know.

We discussed the possibility of resuming coffee hour after church. Because of the time of day and the size of our kitchen committee, it was decided to wait for now. We will continue to have a monthly Pot Luck Dinner, on the 2nd Sunday every month.

The “business “ part of our meeting ended and the group entered the “Wesley” part of the meeting. We discussed the importance of the Wesley Experiment for the Servant Council, the desire to stay focused on putting God first in our lives, and the desire to grow stronger as a group.

Fred closed the meeting with The Lord’s Prayer.