Thursday, November 17, 2011

Servant Council Minutes 11-9-11

Members present were Father Fred Barrett, Della and Charles Gill, Jim Heinrich, Brenda Pitonyak, and Ted Moseley. Mary Jeannette Moseley was present as secretary.

Fred opened the meeting with Communion.

Charles presented the Profit and Loss YTD Comparison to the members. It was moved to approve the statement by Mary Jeannette and seconded by Brenda.

The minutes from last meeting were reviewed and approved. Charles moved the approval and Brenda seconded.

Old business included a lengthy discussion pertaining to finding a new space to worship. Several inquiries have been made so far: Fancy Flamingo (too costly and possibly going to be torn down), a real estate building (already occupied). New places to investigate included: open space beside Gateway Bank in Nags Head, the Joe Lamb building, the yellow warehouse on Clark Street, OBX Beach Book space, and Taco Bell. There was discussion also about taking over the Dream Center, as it would satisfy our various needs for space.

Della shared her vision of having Panara Bread as our “backer” or financer, and to call it “The Good Shepherd”. It would be like a soup kitchen somewhat, but people would pay what they could. This idea may be pursued in the future.

The Servant Council spent some time discussing a parishioner’s living and future situation and how we could help.

We moved into the Wesley Experiment part of our meeting.

The meeting was closed in prayer, with the Lord’s Prayer by all.