Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Interesting Numbers

This is part of an article from The Coastland Times called "Cross section proposed, Colington Road widening":

"Colington Road is a meandering, two-lane, probably historic road traversing big and little Colington Islands and connecting to the busy world of U.S. 158 Bypass.

"Folks living along this North Carolina secondary road numbered 4,179 in 2010. That's the largest concentration of people of any area in unincorporated Dare County. It is almost as many people as live on the entire of Hatteras Island (4,322 in 2010). More people live on Colington islands than live in Nags Head or Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores or Duck.

"The road is heavily traveled. At the intersection of Colington Road and Veteran's Drive, and average of 10,000 cars per day pass through.

"The road is the only route to First Flight Elementary, Middle and High schools for the 682 students living on the Colington islands.

"It is the only route to work for most Colington residents."

The article continues to talk about how the NCDOT is going begin a project to widen and straighten the road, but re-read the above paragraphs and think about the number of people on these islands (including my family) and the amount of traffic that the road handles.

Wouldn't Colington islands benefit from a visible Third Space along this heavily traveled road?