Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Amazing Conversion Testimony

A friend of mine is part of a Prison Ministry Bible study, which has grown up to as many as 18 people at times. One of the inmates could be described as a Wiccan Seeker, which means he has practiced the Wiccan religion, but is looking for something more. The whole group has been praying for him for a long time. Here is a testimony from my friend about a recent occurrence in the prayer group:

"[TJ] said he was feeling great--he has been very depressed since I met him a couple of months ago. He told us why. ... He got a call from his parents today. They told him they hadn't realized how much their silence the last two years was affecting him, and they apologized and told him they really loved him. His mother promised to write him once a week, at least, and she would send him his address book and some other things he wanted (not contraband). They also promised to visit at least once a year (I don't know how far they have to come). TJ told us he bawled his eyes out for joy [when] he took the call.... He also told us he was convinced that no Wiccan god could have accomplished this miracle, so he was turning back to the "man who wrote this book," which he held up. Gene started to say that was all well and good, but he shouldn't put his faith in a man. I interrupted Gene and said, "TJ is holding up a Bible--the man is God!" Gene immediately apologized. TJ was raised a Catholic, so we are going to help him and welcome him home. I have been praying for him since I met him. God really does answer prayers, and perform miracles!"