Monday, January 9, 2012

Ruthie's Kitchen on 1/17

Church of the Good Shepherd will be the host of Ruthie's Kitchen a week from Tuesday evening (1/17/12) at His Dream Center (205 Baltic Street, Nags Head), in which all churches on the OBX participate to feed the homeless, poor, and hungry. Setup will begin at 4pm and dinner will be served at 5pm. I have written about how Christians desire to remove themselves from the world in order to not be stained by the culture's brush. The Apostle James says that this is only one half of what religion is all about. The other half is to visit the poor and needy in their affliction. The Christian cannot have one half of the equation without the other, and both are needed to practice true hospitality. Ruthie's kitchen will give us the opportunity to practice both outreach and upholding the truth in Christ. We hope you will want to join us in this expression of true Christian love.