Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Shepherd to Occupy His Dream Center

God is Good! Last Fall, Good Shepherd attempted in earnest to secure a location for a Sunday morning service, and after several dead ends that consisted of either prohibitive rents, someone getting to the place first, or just plain old miscommunication, we let the conquest go and gave it over to God. This past month, we got a call from His Dream Center, someone we talked to last year, and they offered us a Sunday morning service at an affordable cost. So, Sundays we will be adding an 11am service in the sanctuary, a 10am Adult Teaching/Children's Sunday School, and monthly potluck fellowship lunches. Several groups will be using His Dream Center, too, and so it should turn out to be a thriving community center. Everyone on the Outer Banks has heard of the place and knows where it is located. Our launch service is planned for Palm Sunday. Expect a phone call from me before then to discuss this new development in Good Shepherd's community life and worship. Stay tuned for updates.