Monday, May 14, 2012

Discipleship Series on Stott Book Continues

Every Sunday before 11am worship, we gather at 10am for discipleship with a book study of John Stott's Basic Christianity. The discussion each week is quite invigorating. This past week we discussed the first chapter in the part on Man's Need.  That's right: we discussed sin.

This coming Sunday we will discuss chapter 6: "The Consequences of Sin." By taking small bits of the book at a time, we can be more thorough, have livelier discussion, and allow people to come and go through the sessions. All are invited, even if you can only make one of the sessions. Please contact me to get a free book to use.  We also have experienced discussion with one or more people having not read the chapter of the week at all.  This makes no difference.  The question and answer oriented format of the discussion allows anyone to bring their thoughts to the table, and the discussion is always lively.

We gather in the chapel area, behind the glass doors on the left as you enter His Dream Center, and we will meet for 40 minutes, so that we can have 20 minutes to prepare our hearts for worship in the main sanctuary. At the same time, Sunday school for the older children (over 5) has resumed, and childcare is available for children under 5, so feel free to join in the discussion, even if you have kids.

The format of the sessions will be as follows: we will each read part of the book on our own, and then come to the session on Sunday morning with questions. I will have questions, too, so that we can get the discussion started. This way we can all take the conversation to the places where we each most need Christ's discipleship. Hope you can participate in this first discipleship series in our new location!  I am looking at books for the second series, and will make a decision soon on what comes after Basic Christianity.