Monday, June 11, 2012

Bishop Guernsey's Visit with Good Shepherd

On June 29th, Bishop Guernsey and his wife Meg will be joining us on the Outer Banks.  Friday, we will have a Servant Council dinner and discussion at 6:30pm at Brenda Pitonyak's house.  Saturday, June 30, Bishop Guernsey and I will come around to parishioner homes for visits.  Please contact me with a visit request, so we can put a time down for each person who wants a visit.  Sunday, July 1, the Bishop will preach and celebrate at our 11am service.  Anyone who wishes to be received into the Anglican Church in North America, please contact me, so I can get your name to Bishop Guernsey's offices.  He will bring certificates with your names on them.  If you are on the fence about being received and decide yes at the last minute, we can always have a certificate made up for you afterward and mailed to the church.  After the service, we will have a luncheon in the parish hall, where Bishop Guernsey will talk to us about how to be a praying church and a pastoral church.  He will answer any questions you may have for him.  Let's make the Bishop's visit to the Outer Banks a special one.