Thursday, July 5, 2012

From Yvonne North

Prayer Warriors;

Please remember me in prayer as I will be heading for Mombasa 2 July to be part of a team teaching about cross cultural mission. We (Kathy Phillips and I)  leave Mombasa on 8 July  and meet the Hilton Head St. Lukes' Team in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.  We have a medical mission in the village of Kibindu and in the slums of Dar. I should be returning 23 July.  If you haven't heard from me by the 24 of July, send the Angels...or the marines, whichever seems appropriate.

I have been a little under the weather with a nasty cold or flu virus and I am hoping in the next couple of days the little "bug party" breaks up.

Serving Our Loving Father
Yvonne North