Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Words from BB Warfield

B. B. Warfield cared for his invalid wife for 39 years. They didn't have any children. A man endowed with a massive mind and an even bigger heart. An Underdog.

"The fundamental thought is the universal government of God. All that comes to you is under His controlling hand. The secondary thought is the favour of God to those that love Him. If He governs all, then nothing but good can befall those to whom He would do good. The consolation lies in the shelter which we may thus find beneath His almighty arms. We are weak, we are blind; He is strong and He is wise. Though we are too weak to help ourselves and too blind to ask for what we need, and can only groan in unformed longings, He is the author in us of these very longings—He knows what they really mean—and He will so govern all things that we shall reap only good from all that befalls us." (B. B. Warfield, 'Faith & Life')

Thanks to Warren Cruz for the legwork.