Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Christianity and Success

There's a misapprehension that if one becomes a Christian, he will become successful at his life.  Where once there was struggle, now there is ease.  God has blessed the Christian's life, so things are going to naturally fall into place for him.  Actually, this is not the case.  Things may actually get more difficult for the Christian.  Persecutions arise, conflicts result.  But one thing that becomes successful in the Christian's life is the pursuance of the proclamation of the Gospel.

Let's say you are a restaurant owner, and business is slow.  You may have to close shop.  You then become a Christian.  The business isn't going to suddenly take off.  You may have a different attitude about it, because you are at peace with the Lord, and so you may become less stressful about the state of the industry.  Maybe that peace transfers to actual material success.  Maybe it doesn't.  However, Jesus has given his children the Great Commission, which commands us to make disciples from all the nations.  A true Christian stops looking for earthly success but success in fulfilling this commission.  So, even if the restaurant fails, if the Christian owner is finding ways to proclaim the Gospel through that business, he has become a success after all.